Trade LIVE with Real Professional Traders

At MSLO Trading, we are proud to offer our members the absolute latest tools and resources in futures trading. Our Live Screen share feed and open discussion Chat Room gives our Members the utmost best training platform for learning our trades and joining us as profitable and consistent traders.


Our trading strategies are proven and can be taught. Our most successful traders treat our daily Live feed and Chat Room as their classroom. We have created a community where traders can support each other and master the learning curve together.


1. Create a Trading Plan

A Trading Plan should clearly define your trade setups and rules.  Having a set plan will keep a trader from guessing.  Resisting temptation and controlling one’s emotions are keys to success in trading.  Having a specific plan to follow will take the thought and emotion out of trading. Contact us for a consultation to go over your trading style and help make you a custom trading plan.


2. Be Confident in your Trades

When your trade setup occurs, take the trade! Feel good about the trade and sit back.  You already have your designated entry, target, and stop set.  The thinking is out! Now manage your trade with our professional and learn proper money management techniques to preserve your profits.  Trades will go against you and stop you out. Have the confidence in yourself and your trade plan knowing that if you get stopped out on a trade, statistically the next few trades will be in your favor.  We select High Probability trades with at least 75% success rates.


3. Have a Trade Journal

Having a trade journal is the key to understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses in trading.  The market is the ultimate judge and will bring to light any weaknesses you have in your discipline as a trader.  As a trader progresses to becoming a professional, their trade journal will become their most solid foundation of their money making business.  He or she can turn to it whenever the markets throw a curve ball at them.


4. Let Profits run and cut Losses Quickly

It is not realistic to expect every trade to be a winner.  Recognizing when a trade is not going in your favor and cutting losses quickly is the main difference between good traders and the elite.  Being able to cut your losses short and allowing your winners to run will take hours of screen time and market experience.

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