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MSLO Trading's products and services are to give the aspiring trader an edge in the market.  We are real professional traders and assume all new members have read our MSLO Trading Guide. Our Trading guide provides all the knowledge on reading charts and the indicators we use.  Without the prior knowledge covered in the guide, a new trader may not understand all of the information we work hard to provide.  The MSLO Trading Guide is included in the Gold package and is available in our store.


Table of Contents
–How to Take a Trade Alert
Trading Psychology
–Most Common Emotions
–Stages of a Trader
Technical Analysis
–Candlesticks –Trendlines –Support & Resistance
Moving Averages

Indicators –Bollinger Bands –Keltner

–Stochastic –RSI –MACD –ADX -MSLO Bands -Carter Cross

Trading Checklist

Journal Template

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MSLO Trading 1 -2 -3

Morning Comments:  Pre-market open, approximately 9:00am E.T., our Head traders will come over the microphone to discuss any overnight news, our daily pivot points, and an overview of the market’s current status.

Focus: We adhere to our trade setups and do not chase the market. We let trades come to us, and execute them with precision. 

Technical Analysis:  As the market moves through its ebb and flow, our professional traders explain what is happening and what needs to happen to trigger a trade alert. 

Trade Alerts:  Trade alerts are alerted when a trade setup is developing.  An alert will be made including the trades entry, stop, and recommended targets.  Once in a trade, our professionals will commentate the trade all the way through, suggesting adds, changes in targets, and managing the trade’s stop.

Bottom line: We make our trading as transparent as possible, and look to take money out of the market consistently through high probability trade setups.  Our trading strategies are proven and can be taught. Our most successful traders treat our daily Live feed and Chat Room as their classroom. We have created a community where traders can support each other and master the learning curve together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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